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VapeDynamics DUO FAQ's

  • Any Variable Wattage, Temperature Control mod could be used with herbal, wax, or oil cartridges" ? Why should i buy a herbal vaporizer?

    This statement is NOT TRUE. Heating any heating element by such mods does not make your vaporizer as DRY HERB vaporizer.. There are huge design differences between a wattage,TC mod and a dry herb vaporizer in technology.

    1-) Such mods are only capable of providing instant power to heat up your heating element (mainly market as Herbal attachments); Also known as Wattage mode and such mods cant be used in TC mod by ceramic herbal attachments.

    2-) Such mods aren't capable of consistently regulating the heating element temperature to keep the heat inside a ceramic chamber at ideal temperature to provide pure vapor.. (Temperature Control for Dry Herb)

    Your statement is more like -- i have a glass pipe i can use torch and use it as herbal vaporizer..

    TRUE herbal vaporizers provide consistent and regulated power to heat up the chamber at a perfect temperature for vaporizing . Any electronic cigarette capable of any wattage output is not capable of the same technology of a TRUE herbal vaporizer is as far as consistently regulating high temperatures inside of a built-in ceramic chamber. These kind of features are executed by special designed micro processor built in the device.

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  • When will the duo be available again?
    We will have limited quantity available in stock in 5 days and we do not have any exact date for next delivery by VapeDynamics. We can estimate 2-3 weeks. Thank You
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