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  • Innovation has always been and remains a key area of interest for vaporizer industry and it has only just begun! Vaporizers are getting smaller and smaller while increasing in functionality, flexibility, durability and quality. VapeDynamics Duo is an advanced dual mode (all-in-one) vaporizer by VapeDynamics, is simply one of the most advanced and innovative all in one vaporizer uses highly advanced chip-set allows seamlessly switch between Herbal Mode with reinforced ceramic oven and Liquid/Wax Mode with 510 threading that works with any eliquid or wax atomizer on the electronic cigarette or cannabis market.
  • When it comes to the healthiest way of consuming marijuana, vaporizers seem to be the top choice for doctors and patients alike. Smoking has long been the most common method of consuming marijuana. But, while not as harmful as cigarettes, smoking marijuana is known to be bad for your lungs. Vaporizers now offer an alternative for those looking to avoid the negative effects of smoking. Today, these devices come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from pocket-sized pens to large stationary units. Unfortunately, vaporizers are still quite new and not enough research exists to know if they are completely free of harm. On the other hand, despite what some critics say, studies do provide support for their health benefits.
  • Pot for kids? Parents say it's good medicine FLINT, Mich. — In nearby Grand Blanc Township, a family gives daily doses of olive oil infused with medical marijuana to their 6-year-old daughter with a life-threatening seizure disorder. After years of seeing her suffer, the girl's constant seizures all but disappeared after she began swallowing the oil in January, her parents said. They turned away from their child's regular doctors and found two physicians willing to sign their state application. Michigan allows medical marijuana for seizure disorders. Yet, these parents still skirt state law and a court ruling that say Michigan patients must smoke their medical marijuana.
  • Aspire recently released the Version 2 of their game changing Atlantis sub ohm tank. The Aspire 2.0 is a marked improvement over the original Atlantis and Aspire have certainly listened to their customers feedback on the original. The coils now feature 100% organic cotton, a new 0.3ohm and 1ohm coil have been added to the 0.5ohm one, as well as increasing the tank to a 3ml capacity.
  • Vaporizer Basics :
    What is the optimum vaporizing temperature ?
    What is the best heating element ?
    Why You Should Care About Heat ?
    Heating Elements Comparison between Aluminum VS. Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel vs. Glass
    Types of Heating Sources
  • The Aspire is an electronic cigarette company, maker of one of vapers’ favorite mod and tanks, one of the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette and clearomizer tank. Aspire, to be one of the most respected electronic cigarette manufacturer, hard to beat when it comes to quality and design inspiration. Their Atlantis sub ohm tank is consistently chosen over many other models, some of which try to copy Aspire’s style but fail to meet their standards. Many vape stores, both online and in-person, carry Aspire products including their new sub ohm and CF mod battery.
  • Vaporizer (inhalation device) -A vaporizer or vaporizer is a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation. However, they can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant material (e.g. nicotine-free tobacco).
  • Shisha is one of the most popular social trends of recent years, especially in cities with a buzzing nightlife. Even smaller towns now have one of two Shisha bars where people can meet up and smoke Shisha as often as they like. For those who aren’t aware, Shisha is a flavoured tobacco, usually mixed with charcoal, which is filtered through water in a pipe. This filtration is believed to give Shisha (also known as Hookah) its unique taste and flavour. The waterpipe and tobacco usually last for over an hour and users are subjected to massive amounts of smoke and toxins. The number of Shisha bars seems to be increasing and this is a troubling statistic, especially since it’s far more dangerous than cigarette smoke.
  • The VapeDynamics V1.0 is affordable, simple and compact portable herbal vaporizers with outstanding battery life by VapeDynamics. VapeDynamics V1.0 outperforms many other vaporizers in their price range, and are virtually foolproof, making them the ideal choice for first-time vaporists.
  • There’s a message coming out of China loud and clear at the moment: more power, is better. It’s difficult to ignore, as it seems that all we’re seeing at the moment are 100W mods, and lately there are even 150W mods coming to light. I’m yet to be convinced that the value in a personal vaporizer comes solely from power, but there is a case to be made that certain atomizers will perform fantastically with larger amounts of power than we were typically using a year ago.

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